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Madhab Pd. Sitaula, Principal

We are pleased to bring out this official website of LMV with the beginning of this new millennium on the occasion of Silver Jubilee. It is certainly a great movement to serve many of the middle class kids in a proper and challenging way to develop their inner talent in homely atmosphere at LMV.

We are very happy to see the outcome of the LMV graduates; they have achieved many things in a short span of time. Many of LMV products have top positions in Higher Secondary results which is very successful.

Education is always helpful to make and do the things easily. School should provide the opportunity to use their talents in creative way according to their own procedures and styles. School can create the environments to all level of students. We should know that all the kids were not same but with different potentialities. Parents and Teachers should encourage them to lead and develop their individualities. We should never compare the kids from others, can lead their future in a fruitful way.

LMV School, set up in 1981 AD, has registered in Educational Trust now, has come a long way from its establishment and has produced a considerable number of exemplary citizens required for the development of the country. Several of its graduates are now to be found in the most prestigious universities all over the world. After its establishment, the school gradually matured and produced School Leaving Certificate graduates in 1984. It is co-education and full phase English medium School to raise the standard in order to successfully compete in the international arena. By now we have produced more than 2500 graduates.

I highly appreciate those who had helped to run the school and help to bring up this web site in these situations for their hard work for making this website alive. I hope all of us will be benefited from this website.

I thank Niraj and Niran Manandhar, Gita, Rajan, and many more teachers, ex-students of LMV for their kind Support. Finally, all the photos and activities will tell about more of LMV.

Madhab Pd. Sitaula


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