Message from Director General

K.B. Tuladhar

Director General

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, and Well Wishers,

It is my pleasure to share that I have been personally involved in this institution since its establishment. I would like to thank all parents, guardians and well-wishers who have been playing prominent roles in running this school since then. I am also thankful to all our teachers and staff who have been skilled, active, dutiful, punctual, dedicated, and goal oriented at giving their best to this institution and helping it to achieve academic excellence each year.

School is a second home for children. They should be given such environment at school where they can explore their inner talent and learn how to learn. It is only possible when each child is loved and cared. Also, they should be encouraged, motivated and supported to achieve their goals. Additionally, there are discipline, cultures, and moral values equally important in our children to grow into a responsible citizen of the nation. We are assured to help our students to achieve the 21st century skills and compete globally.

Finally, I expect the same kind of supports, suggestions, and contributions from parents, guardians and students in the days to come to run this school successfully.

Thank you!

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